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Souderton High School Tournament Wrap-Up

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It’s been almost two weeks since the Souderton tournament so perhaps my latest update comes as a delay, however, the Souderton High School FCA Dodgeball Tournament was a big success and Team Awesome was glad to be a part of it.  The Souderton tournament was organized by Rob Barbadoro and the FCA with all proceeds going to the International Justice Mission to free children across the world from slavery.  13 teams attended this year despite the bad weather and the winners received a substantial amount of money in Amazon and iTunes gift cards.  Nice!

Representing Indian Valley Dodgeball and Team Awesome were “Cheeker Nation”, led by captains Sam Jones & TJ Espenship and “Team IV”, led by captain Nick Fazzolari.  Cheeker had split up for this event since only 5 players were allowed on a team and many of our players were interested in participating.  Team Awesome’s role in the event was to officiate the event, referee, set up bracketing and scheduling of the games and generally hype up dodgeball.

The day began with check-in and team registration, which was a little hectic.  Since teams were permitted to register the day of, the event got off to a late start.  Once the games began, everything ran like clockwork.  On court 1, Cheeker Nation opened against C.B. West’s baseball team of seniors named “Money Shot”.  From there, Cheeker Nation swept their whole division and took 1st seed with a record of 12-0.  On court 3, Team IV held their own and seeded 5th overall behind Souderton’s “Captain Crunch & The Cereal Killers” (2nd), another Souderton team and “Money Shot” (5th).

Once eliminations began, Cheeker Nation and the next top 2 seeds got a bye and Team IV pushed through their first elimination match-up.  The next round, Cheeker played the Kamikaze’s and lost their first and only game before moving on with a score of 2-1.  Perhaps even more surprising was Team IV’s big upset over the C.B. West baseball team, thanks to big catches by captain Nick Fazzolari and Janae L.  As fate would have it, Cheeker and IV met in the semi-finals as they were placed on the same side of the bracket.  Both matches (best of 3) were close with one ending in a tie-breaker but Cheeker Nation edged out a victory and a place in the finals.  On the other half of the bracket, team “Chocolate Rain” of Souderton (6th) had a big upset over the 3rd seed and 2nd seed teams, winning 2-1 in the quarter finals and then 2-0 in the semi-finals.  This team of underdogs fought their way into the finals with many clutch catches and solid hits.

The finals were intense and Chocolate Rain started off strong in the first game, hot off their winning streak.  They were up 5 players to 3 but the Cheekers came back with many accurate hits, counter attacks, effective dodging and team work.  From there, Cheeker built up momentum, making catches and coordinating their attacks to make every moment count.  Chocolate Rain had many great dodges and hits but in the end, Cheeker Nation emerged victorious as the Souderton High School FCA Dodgeball Champions.  Their overall record was 19-1.  Chocolate Rain placed 2nd with a record of 14-9 and Team IV placed 3rd with a record of 12-7.

Cheeker Nation - 5th Annual Pennridge Domination Dodgeball, February 23, 2013

Cheeker Nation – 1st place at Souderton & Pennridge High School Tournaments

Not only did all top three teams receive cool prizes, the 1st place team was offered the chance to play Team Awesome.  Cheeker Nation practices with us on a frequent basis but this time we were on Cheeker’s home turf and there was an audience – so you know everyone was playing for keeps!  Cheeker Nation dominated the first round, and despite a comeback by Team Awesome, Cheeker emerged victorious.  Rounds 2 and 3, Team Awesome came back with a vengeance, making several key catches and dodges to overcome the champs.  These guys are definitely on the rise and really should come out to more dodgeball touranments…

Congratulations to Cheeker Nation for taking 1st place and a big thanks to Souderton, Rob Barbadoro and Brent Fink of the FCA putting on the tournament and for inviting us to help out.  Until next time!


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